Our Story

In the late 1970's there was a tremendous move of the Holy Spirit in many of the denominations in the United States as well as the world.  As it was known, the Charismatic move began to have a tremendous effect upon many of the believers in the churches in Jefferson.  

As a result of this move, many people who had attended church their whole lives were coming to have a personal relationship with Jesus for the first time.  They, along with true believers, were also encountering the power of the Holy Spirit in their lives. The result of this new experience was that believers from all different denominational backgrounds began to meet in home Bible studies.  There was a desire for more of the Word of God and the opportunity to experience the move of the Holy Spirit.

These Bible studies, which were made up of people from various denominational backgrounds, resulted in many independent churches forming.  The motivation was to set aside empty tradition, return to the simplicity of the Word of God, and to develop an atmosphere of worship which allowed the working of the Holy Spirit.  In April of 1978, Abundant Life Ministries was incorporated with the State of Iowa as a non-profit corporation with the purpose of promoting the Christian religion.  The corporate name at the time was "Loving Shepherd Fellowship."  The church's founding Pastor was George Heil, who served the church for just a short time. 

In its first years, the church met in various temporary locations, but its primary meeting place was a small house located at 600 South Elm, provided by one of its members.  In July of 1982, Loving Shepherd Fellowship called Pastor David Schroeder.  Soon thereafter the church moved because of a need for more space due to growth to the now gone, Jefferson Civic Building at 400 East State Street.  In May of 1983 the church went through a name change and became Abundant Life Ministries.  

The first Sunday in March of 1985, Abundant Life Ministries began holding services at its present home at 1308 West Lincoln Way.

After 38 years of ministry, Pastors David & Becky Schroeder retired on December 31, 2019.  Pastor Isaak Wangler, was called to serve as Senior Pastor of Abundant Life Ministries on January 1, 2020 and an installation service was set on January 5, 2020.